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St. Louis, MO
The traditional Saturday wedding may have been the gold standard for decades, but times are changing. More and more couples are breaking free from convention and opting for weekday weddings. And guess what? We’re here for it! At Andrew Overbey Photography, we are more than happy to take on weekday weddings, whether they are small or big, two or three weeks out. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of weekday weddings and why they can be a fantastic alternative to the typical weekend affair.
Cost Savings
One of the biggest draws for weekday weddings is the potential for cost savings. With less demand for venues, vendors, and accommodations during the week, couples can often secure better deals and discounts than on a Saturday. This can make a significant difference for budget-conscious brides and grooms, allowing them to splurge on other aspects of their big day or even save for their future together.
In-demand venues and vendors often book up quickly for popular weekend dates. By opting for a weekday wedding, couples can have a better chance of securing their dream venue or working with their preferred vendors, even on short notice. We’re more than happy to accommodate weekday weddings, whether they’re planned months in advance or just a few weeks out.
Unique and Memorable
Choosing a weekday wedding can make your special day stand out from the crowd. Your guests will likely remember your wedding for being different and going against the grain. This uniqueness can add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for your big day.
More Flexibility for Honeymoon Planning
With a weekday wedding, you can kick off your honeymoon immediately after the celebrations and take advantage of off-peak travel deals. Alternatively, you can take a few days to relax and then embark on your honeymoon the following weekend. This flexibility can be a big advantage for couples looking to make the most of their post-wedding getaway.
Weekday weddings may not be the traditional choice, but they certainly have their advantages. From cost savings to increased availability and intimate celebrations, there are plenty of reasons to consider a weekday wedding. As a professional photographer, we’re more than happy to capture the magic of your big day, whether it’s on a Tuesday or a Saturday, small or big, and even with short notice. So go ahead, break the mold, and embrace the weekday wedding trend!